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Model Feature & Casting Call

Are you a fitness model and want to collaborate with us? We offer several options. 

Option 1

Free promotion - you can submit professional photos and videos to feature on our social media pages with an enthusiastic following. We will tag you, which will lead to you getting new followers. In addition, some models are randomly selected to receive a special shoutout, where our in-house production team creates a vibrant video highlighting you. Please note: we do not discriminate body types; however, this option requires that you submit well-polished photos and videos that match our posts.

Option 2

For this free option, you can become a feature on our blog page, consisting of a video interview, and display your work. We will send you a questionnaire to record on your own in a well-lit location. The final video and post will be a mixture of your interview with professional modeling photos and videos that you submit. Our in-house production team consists of award-winning creators.

Option 3

If you are in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas area, you can stop by our studio for a photoshoot session and have a page dedicated to you in our Gallery. For this option, we are only selecting a small number of submissions due to production expenses. In addition, you are required to have a more prominent social media presence and following. Compensation is print-for-hire, meaning we cover the costs of studio and post-production and give you digital copies of the final edits for personal use. 

These options are to collaborate and are not for profit. To be considered, submit the form below. If you are interested in a monetary arrangement, see our Partnership page.

Thanks for your interest!


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