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Male Strippers Or Male Revue - How To Choose

Typically, a male stripper is an individual performer paid to take his clothes off. However, there can be multiple that travel to your hotel or place to entertain clients and their guests. Since male strippers are usually hired for a private event, they can remove as much or as little as requested. To set the mood they bring their own speakers, music, and lights show. For male strippers, there are usually no laws governing how much they should wear or strip, and in order to entertain both women or men, they can go wild, drink and give lap dances if they want.

Whereas, the male revue is a stage show, where a group of hot guys that are fitness freaks performs a sexy choreographed dance routine. While performing the dance routine, they usually only strip down to their underwear. They often perform together and rarely come off the stage unless to give a lap dance during their performance or bring someone on stage. That's what the movie Magic Mike (2012) was all about – a traveling male revue show.

Want to take a deeper look into the work of a male stripper? Here are a couple of eye-catching documentary recommendations for both ladies and gents. These recommendations are based on the documentaries’ target audience; yet, anyone who likes sexy men can watch and enjoy all of them regardless of gender.

This One’s for the Ladies streaming on Hulu.

I'm a Stripper streaming free on Tubi.

In an article, 8 Reasons A Male Stripper Is Better Than A Male Revue, Music City Male Strippers discussed that hiring male strippers is better and can add fun to the parties and events as they are more interactive, intense, wild, and sexy, provide tailored-made performances and a more personal experience from the comfort of your home. However, the male revue show has its own charisma, and when hot guys perform choreographed dances with great music and electrifying lights, it really sets the stage on fire.

For those who are finding this article exciting thus far and want to see more man-meat on display, The Queerty writers have listed the 10-most popular and critically acclaimed movies about male strippers to quench your thirst.

Now that the differences between male strippers and male revue have been detailed, the choice merely depends on one’s taste for the night.

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